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​​​VITIDE - For A Long Lasting Youthful Life

IMMERplus Vitide is one of the best anti-aging supplements there is today and it is based on the science of peptides - our body's natural healer.

If you are curious about your body's most important structure, basically it's PEPTIDE that governs and regulates the bio-activities of the cells: which includes hormones, nerves, cellular growth, and reproductive system.

With its Global Advanced Technology, IMMERplus Vitide, has a soy protein that is transformed into minor bioactive peptide through modern microbial fermentation techniques.

Adding a daily dose of IMMERplus Vitide on your health regimen will help your body to function well!


Peptides is literally what your cells feed on in order to function well. Peptides are responsible for:


Growth of all cells in your body: skin cells, muscle cells, hair cells, brain cells, bone marrow cells, etc. The deficiency of these peptides will lead to:

- Premature aging - where you look and function like an older person than your real age. This is not just with aging on the outside, but also includes aging of your internal organs.
- Muscle loss: where your body does not hold together. This is especially of great concern to women when they begin to lose their shape.
- Wrinkles, greying, etc


The regulation of the Immune system, the metabolic system, hormones, enzymes, nutrient absorption and the transportation of lipoprotein and oxygen in the body. The lack of these peptides will lead to:

- Malnutrition: where you're eating all the right foods, but your body is not getting the nourishment.
- Metabolic Syndrome: where you try so hard to lose weight, but you keep gaining weight.
- Obesity: Where your weight becomes a health concern.
- Low Immunity: where you easily pick up infections and diseases.

And finally


The repair of all damages in your body. And it does this through:

A. Detoxification - removing toxins from your body.

B. Ensuring that when cells are supposed to die, they die. This is critical!

The death of cells that are damaged beyond repair is critical to the well being of other healthy cells around them. When a defective cell cannot die, that cell becomes malignant a.k.a. CANCEROUS. That is how all cancers start. And so peptides play a significant role in the prevention of cancer.

Vitide is very good for vitality. It is best taken very early in the morning on an empty stomach. When taken at the start of day, it gives you energy and allows you to perform at peak performance throughout the day. It also gives you good mental focus and clarity. The energy you feel when you take Vitide literally comes from your cells. There are no stimulants or caffeine in it.

And because of what it does people suffering from all manner of chronic and degenerative diseases benefit from it tremendously.

A Powerful Personal Testimony By A Senior Medical Doctor

~Dr. Dickson Ndukwa Otaka

Many questions into my inbox about the secret. The motivation to stay strong and healthy was my driving force.

The MRI there (attached) was my diagnosis which made me to be absent from doing surgery for 6 weeks and fell flat twice while doing ward round. My weight was 155kg when the health was in shambles but I have taken back my health using this company products Immeri.

The two products are Vitide and Adwelle which have tremendously helped me to lose 23kgs and repair my knee joint and I am not going to stop until I hit a target of 100kg. I climb the staircase now without holding the rails, squat with no pain and finally makes me look attractive.

Amazing Testimony From A Happy Customer


  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Strengthens The Muscles
  • Mental Focus And Clarity
  • Restores Skin And Muscle Elasticity
  • Eliminates Fatigue
  • Increases Immunity
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Balances The Hormones
  • Helps in Weight Loss

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