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Vaginne is a breakthrough refreshing intimate gel that perfectly restores the overall health of the female reproductive system.

Vaginne is clinically proven to fight infections, eliminate bad odour, stop abnormal discharges, alleviate itchiness,  and relieve redness and pain. Vaginne is highly moisturizing, has a tightening effect, keeps the woman fresh and improves the quality of sexual intercourse.

Vaginne is the only patented product that can promote the activity of beneficial bacteria and at the same time inhibit the proliferation of bad well as enhance the total self-defense and self-cleaning mechanism of the female reproductive system.

All the nutrients and ingredients used to make Vaginne are natural extracts that are proven to be safe and effective.

I used to experience menstrual cramps. I aways had to take pain killers when it's that time of the month. Moreover, my menses used to last for  a maximum of 3 days. When I used Vaginne, I no longer experience the cramps, my flow is very good, and I flow for 5-7 days now. The funny smells are all  gone as well.

Abigail, Takoradi

I have had the issue of dryness for several years. I felt severe pains anytime I met my husband. Because of that having sex had always been a nightmare for me. All these years I have sought for solutions from various hospitals and herbal centers, but nothing really changed. However, after using about 2 boxes of Vaginne, I am now free. Vaginne is a real blessing to me.

Esther, Accra.

After my first child I lost interest for sex. I just did my duties as a wife but I was not getting as much pleasure like before. I knew something was not right but I really didn't think much of it... until I used Vaginne. Vaginne actually restored my urge for sex and I started initiating and having pleasurable sex without the use of lubricants.

Priscilla, Accra.

100% Natural Organic Plant Extracts Plus Patent


  • Excellent Malodor Eliminating Effect
  • Fights Infections
  • Excellent Anti-Itch Effect
  • Relieves Redness And Pain
  • Moisturizing and Firming Effect
  • Corrects Menstrual Issues
  • Excellent Cleansing Effect
  • Nourishes The Ovaries
  • Improves The Female Libido
  • Improves The Quality of Sex Life


  • Eco-friendly
  • ​No anim​al ingredients
  • No chemicals or synthetic disinfectants
  • No drugs or antibiotics
  • No chemical gel
  • No heavy metals
  • No alcohol
  • No Quaternary ammonia inhibitors

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