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A Solid Company

With amazing patented products

Immeri Global is a multinational company that is focused on improving the health and quality of life of people around the world. Our scientifically proven, patented products are naturally formulated to help you function at your best and prevent diseases. Discover our ace corporate leadership and our unique offer to you.


With An Unmatched compensation plan

You are in for a big, pleasant surprise. The first thing that will definitely hit you is that our compensation plan is different. It is not binary; It is not uni-level; and it is definitely not a matrix system. So what is it...? It is a unique pay plan packed with great incentives  to truly reward you and give you freedom and flexibility. 

A Solid Team

With an effective winning strategy

If you will succeed in any business, the people you choose to work with plays a vital role. We understand this. That is why we have created a system that will help you develop yourself to reach your goals. A decision to join us from this page will allow you to join one of the fastest growing teams in Immeri, globally.

Our Unique Offer

Your key to a promising future.

Renew Your Youth

The trusted way to enhance your health is to enhance your body's own natural defenses; by providing your body with the right amounts of food nutrients, water and activity that the body needs to function at its best. This may seem very obvious to most people. However, at Immeri, we take this knowledge several steps further. Our solutions tackles the cause of disease and it's prevention from the roots. Our Vaginne product, for example, is a patented intimate gel that is proven to comprehensively promote and restore the overall health of the female reproductive system... Learn more >>>

Become Our Associate

Improving the quality of life of families across the world is "the why" Immeri Global, as a company, exists. One way we fulfill this core mission, is through our unique patented products that are proven to significantly improve your health. The second way we fulfill this mission is by providing you with a real business opportunity with a reward package that can effectively eliminate your financial barriers and allow you to truly live your life without limitations. Discover how quickly you can start enjoying a life of financial independence and success with our unique compensation plan. Learn more >>>

Join ​The Winning Team

The core leadership of the Immeri Team in Ghana is made up of selfless individuals with tremendous track records and experience in various fields. When you decide to join Immeri, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated professionals and high achievers. Our passion and commitment as individuals in the team is fueled by our desire to see every member succeed. We are big on personal development and individual brilliance. However, we also believe in teamwork and the synergy of ideas in moving everybody in the direction of team and individual success. Learn more >>>

Step Up and Get More

Demonstrate your commitment to building your business, and we will take you a step further. Besides the generous compensation plan, the travel incentives, the car rewards and even the houses we give, there are several other privileges we offer members who demonstrate serious commitment to the mission and vision of Immeri. For example, you would enjoy specialized training to become a presenter or trainer at company events worldwide. You will also get access to our private executive lounge where you can receive and entertain your VIP guests... Learn more >>>


From the Giants of Network Marketing In Africa

Immeri is rewriting network marketing. For once Network Marketers will have something to be proud of... Something to show off for their hustle.

Andrew A. Apo
The Godfather of MLM in Ghana

If you have much experience in the network marketing profession, it is not difficult to realize that Immeri is the company to be part of.

Daniel Cudjoe Sekpey

Renown Network Marketer.

At Immeri,  you get the feeling of belonging to a big Family. This culture runs through the corporate leadership right to the Associates. It is wonderful.

Fred Mensah
Banking Professional

To get in front of the big opportunity